Friday, 14 September 2018

new letter by dr manan wani

By Dr Manaan Wani
To the digital audience, mostly educated, I had written a piece in CNS Kashmir, calling for contemplation and the revision of views. But within a span of 6 hours, Indian state in an utter frustration decided to blackout the links and brought them down. It was not the civil administration that threatened the press and the people, but it was the military set up that was upset and shaken. The fact is that our occupier lacks the spine to bear our word, leave the bullet. Even our words shiver ‘the world’s largest democracy’.
Those who are developing an antithesis for the weapon wielder using the ink, let the genesis of my new role be known to them and all. I am writing this piece for the special audience, a different one than earlier.
Remember, I was born in the hills and I am back to them again. Meanwhile, I have realised my mode of resistance. From my birth, I have been surrounded by the military boots, and even my school functions were held at army camps. My elementary studies too have a military base. I was taught at Jawahar Navodiya Vidaliya – the educational extension of the Indian occupation in Kashmir. By then, my imagery of India was a fantasy, and my aspirations were similar to a true Indian. I graduated from a College in Srinagar and engaged in understanding the discourses and identified the difference of being.