Monday, 1 January 2018

A kashmiri man requesting angry mob to not Harm my son's KILLER

This also is Kashmiriyat.

When 17 year old amir bashir lone of Sedow shopian kashmir was killed on Aug 9 2016, villagers had seen thereupon identified his killer jk policeman xyz (name withheld) as the resident of a nearby village, the angry villagers, gatherings of thousands, were in no mood to condone this ferocious murderer in uniform. They were all set to burn to ashes the house of this cop when all of a sudden 51 year old Kashmiri Muslim man & his family pleaded to massive angry gatherings of villagers to not burn the house of the cop despite the fact that he had heartlessly killed his most beloved, eldest & only source of income son in cold blood.

Of course he is old poor man living in one storey house but he is the real torchbearer of/for #Humanity. I think if ever there will be "Kashmir Noble Prize" introduced then this man will run as front contender for that award.

He is not old man but an angel in human face. 'Bashir Ahmad lone'.

(In pic Bashir Ahmad Lone, his daughter minor akhter jaan- she has left studies, son Aqib Bashir also minor. Pic taken on 31 dec 2017 in their one storey house at Sedow shopian)

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