Sunday, 31 December 2017


My New Year Resolution Is ....
Not to spend a penny or waste a second in any such celebrations as they are neither useful in this world nor hereafter.
I believe we are answerable to ALLAH for all our actions.
➨ QURAN 23:115
Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?
➨ QURAN 6:32
And the worldly life is not but amusement and diversion; but the home of the Hereafter is best for those who fear Allah , so will you not reason?
There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are)
1) Health and
2) Free time for doing good.
(SAHIH BUKHARI Vol #8, Hadith #6412)
(SUNAN TIRMIDHI Vol #4, Hadith #2304)
(SUNAN IBN MAJAH Vol #5, Hadith #4170)
The feet of the son of Adam shall not move from before his Lord on the Day of Judgment, until he is asked about FIVE things:
1) About his life and what he did with it,
2) About his youth and what he wore it out in,
3) About his wealth and how he earned it
4) And spent it upon,
5) And what he did with what he knew (knowledge).
(SUNAN TIRMIDHI Vol #4, Hadith #2316-2317)
1) The most affluent of the people in this world, of the inhabitants of the Fire, (who will be) will be brought on the Day of Resurrection and dipped once in the Fire. Then it will be said: 'O son of Adam, did you ever see anything good? Did you ever have any pleasure?' He will say: 'No, by Allah, O Lord.'
2) Then the most destitute of the people in this world, (who will be) of the inhabitants of Paradise, will be brought and dipped once in Paradise, and it will be said to him: 'O son of Adam, did you ever see anything bad? Did you ever experience any hardship?' He will say: 'No, by Allah, O Lord. I never saw anything bad and I never experienced any hardship."
(SAHIH MUSLIM Vol #7, Hadith #7088)

In Kashmiri armed Struggle First time A FIDAYEEN attack carried out by kashmiri youth

[31/12, 8:09 PM] WahidWani: Two Slain Fidayin militants killed during Lethpora Fidayin attack identified as locals from South Kashmir.
1, Fardeen Ahmad Khanday teenage student
S/O (Serving Polieman) Ghulam Mohammad Khanday
R/O NazeenPora Tral
2, Manzoor Ahmd Baba
S/O Ali Mohammad Baba
R/O Drubgam Pulwama
[31/12, 8:34 PM] WahidWani: From sources above two mentioned rebels news is not confirmed but are believed that they also attain martyred
[31/12, 8:38 PM] WahidWani: Yes confirmed that the two  dead bodies which was recovered earlier are. Two Kashmiri jeM rebels who r above mentioned
[31/12, 8:39 PM] WahidWani: A sixteen-year-old militant was among two Fidayeen killed in a gunfight with government forces in Lethpora area of Awantipora tehsil in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.Sources said that Fardeen Ahmad Khanday who was a son of a police constable was among the two Fidayeen killed in the day-long firefight.He was a resident of Nazneenpora area of Tral.Another militant killed in the gunfight was identified as Manzoor Ahmad Baba, son of Ali Mohammad Baba of Drubgam Pulwama.Earlier, police said that heavily armed militants launched a pre-dawn suicide attack on a CRPF camp in Pulwama district of south Kashmir, killing five personnel of the force and injuring three others.Two militants who had taken cover in a building block in the camp were killed in the subsequent operation, said an official."Two heavily armed militants stormed the camp at about 2 am. They were armed with under-barrel grenade launchers and automatic weapons. They were challenged by camp sentries," he said.The official said they suspect the presence of third militant inside the CRPF camp. "The operation has been suspended because of darkness," he said.

Thursday, 28 December 2017


The video eloberate the voice of VOICELESS KASHMIRIS who are  under the doctrine law of Indian forces who commits human rights violations in #INDIANoccupiedKASHMIR

Mother of noor Mohammed trali

#noor trali was a unimaginable dynamic personality of occupied Kashmir .He was also a Kashmiri who was tortured by Indian criminal minded forces .last night his fighting for his identity was ended and he make himself a remembering foot step of Kashmir struggle

Thursday, 21 December 2017


A resounding majority of United Nations member states has defied unprecedented threats by the US to approve a draft resolution rejecting President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
The non-binding measure passed at a UN General Assembly emergency meeting on Thursday with 128 votes in favour and nine against, while 35 countries abstained.
It passed despite intimidation by Trump, who had threatened on Wednesday to eliminate financial aid to UN members who would vote against his decision.
"They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we're watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We'll save a lot. We don't care," Trump told reporters at the White House.
His comments came as Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, warnedthat she would be "taking names" of states that vote against Washington's Jerusalem move.
The session on Thursday at the 193-member body was held at the request of Arab and Muslim countries after the US vetoed the same measure in the Security Council on Monday.
The US was outnumbered 14 to 1 in that vote.
While the Security Council's five permanent members - the US, Britain, France, China and Russia - had veto power on Monday's vote, there are no vetoes at the General Assembly.
Similar to the Egyptian-drafted text that was blocked by Washington on Monday, the draft resolution approved on Thursday did not mention the US by name but expressed "deep regret at recent decisions" concerning Jerusalem's status.
Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera's senior political analyst, called the result of the General Assembly vote a "great humiliation for the US".
Bishara said that most UN member states that voted in favour of the draft resolution did not necessarily do so to back the Palestinians but to support "international legality".
"They voted for what they saw as a violation of international law," he said.
"The resolution starts by naming several UN Security Council resolutions, where the US either voted for or abstained, saying that Israel cannot annex East Jerusalem; that Israel cannot export its own population to East Jerusalem; that Israel cannot continue with the settlement building in East Jerusalem and so on," added Bishara.
"All in all, 128 countries voted for international law."

Embassy move

In addition to recognising Jerusalemas Israel's capital, Trump announced on December 6 that the US would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
No country currently has its embassy in the city, which is home to holy religious sites and has particular significance for Muslims, Christians and Jews.
The US decision triggered a series of protests in the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as major international cities - from Jakarta, through Istanbul, to Rabat.
Ahead of Thursday's vote, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had called the UN a "house of lies".
"The state of Israel rejects outright this vote, even before it passes," he said at an opening ceremony of a hospital in southern Israel.
"The attitude to Israel of many nations in the world, in all the continents, is changing outside of the UN walls, and will eventually filter into the UN as well - the house of lies," he said.
The status of Jerusalem has long remained a sensitive topic and one of the core issues in the Israeli-Palestine conflict.
After occupying the city's eastern part in the 1967 War, Israel annexed the territory. In 1980, it proclaimed it as its "eternal, undivided capital."
The Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, however, see East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.
They have warned that any change to the status quo would mean the end of the peace process premised on a two-state solution.
Thursday's vote was reminiscent of a session in 2012, when an overwhelming majority backed Palestine's upgrade in the UN to non-member state status.
Some 138 countries voted in support of the upgrade, while nine - including the US, Israel, Canada and several South Pacific countries - voted against.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

‘A soldier shot my wife in head, I wish he had killed me instead’

Her mother Maysara Bano (22) was killed when government forces allegedly fired bullets at her near her house in Unisoo village of Kupwara district last Monday.
A dejected Ishfaq Ahmad, Maryam’s father, says: “I wish the government forces had killed me instead of Maryam’s mother. My baby needs her mother.”
A narrow, muddy, road towards the family’s house wears a deserted look as if the tragedy has struck the poor family only hours ago. Devastated by the tragedy, the bereaved family members do not want to face the camera or even speak.
However when this reporter insisted, Ishfaq broke down and said in a muzzled voice, “On that rainy night, the government forces brought us out and asked us to stay in the yard of house. While the exchange of firing with militants was going on intermittently, I had put my hand on Mysara’s shoulders and the baby rested in her mother’s lap. Suddenly a soldier among dozens engaged in that gunfight shot her in head.”
“Hell broke loose on me. As it was dark, I could see a flash of flame generated by the gunshot. She fell on the ground and the baby too. She was dead in just a few seconds. However I somehow lifted the baby and later held Mysara in my lap with blood oozing from her head till the gunfight ended in the wee hours,” he added. 
The family struggling to come to terms with the tragedy does not want compensation. “The only compensation I want is that the guilty soldier who shot dead the mother of seven-month old baby must be hanged or sentenced to life. No amount of solace or cash compensation can bring back or equate the affection of a mother for her little baby,” Ishfaq said.